Phoenix (getting settled in, etc. etc.)

by evanrosefowler

After a week of Orientation in Texas,  I find myself finally in Phoenix. It is just as hot as everyone told me it would be, but also just as dry. I’m not as sweaty as I imagined, and the pool at our condo complex is making the adjustment to the climate easy. I’ve unpacked my suitcase and started taping pictures to the walls, rearranged the kitchen cabinets (who keeps sprinkles next to bay leaves?) and tried  (unsuccessfully) to implement a grey water system. The basic premise of grey water is that you collect the water from your sink in a bucket and then use it to flush your toilet. All fine and good until you realize that the plumbing for the two bathrooms are connected and that water comes out from the back of the wall any time the water is used in the other room. And then run around trying to find towels so that your downstairs neighbor doesn’t suffer ceiling damage.

Overall things are going smoothly–I start work tomorrow, and I’m extremely excited about it. I sort of know what to expect, but I feel like I don’t have a good handle on what my day-to-day work will be like, and I’m about to find out. My community is eating together a lot, and that is nice. I made dried beans with tomatoes and onions and garlic on top of hoe cake with a salad the other night. The beans weren’t spectacular, but I think the next time I make them they’ll be delicious. Right now I have a bread pudding in the oven to mark the occasion of one of my roommates receiving his MCAT scores. It smells like brown sugar heaven.

My community members and I are all getting along swimmingly. Jon, Peter, Monica and I are already getting good at making fun of each other, which is nice. We aren’t worried about stepping on each others’ toes. When I have some pictures of us together I’ll post them.

I’ll let you know how work goes and everything! I miss you all and hope you are doing so well!