Now Some Questions from Me

by evanrosefowler

  1. What percentage of your caloric intake can be comprised of peanut butter and bananas before it is no longer healthy?
  2. What should you do if you see a rat crawl into your backpack? What are the logical steps to take? (I ignored it and hoped it left. It could still be there.)
  3. If there are young children playing with knives around you and their parents are there but they are not intervening, should you intervene? (Side note: recently my neighbor came home with a bandage on his leg and a pretty severe limp. He said “A child was playing with a knife and accidentally cut me. It happens.”
  4. How do I tie a piece of cloth around my head and look regal like the women here instead of just looking silly?
  5. Is it ok that I have many different answers to the question “How is your husband?” depending on who is asking and the tone they ask in? (The answers range from “FINE HE IS DOING GREAT IN FACT HE IS IN THE TOWN ONE HOUR NORTH OF US MAYBE YOU WILL MEET HIM ONE DAY” to “Oh, I’m not married” to “Enough about me, how is your wife?”
  6. What color should I paint my living room? (Note; I do not yet know the options other than teal, which is the color of basically every living room in Bante including mine at the moment.)
  7. If you had these ingredients: baguette, tomato, okra, onion, garlic, laughing cow spreadable cheese, eggs, powdered milk and some limited spices, what is the most delicious thing you could make? (Maybe a savory bread pudding?!?! Is that possible in a dutch oven?)